Friday, 23 January 2015

Yellow Boot, Romanian Sunset and Winter's Tale

"Yellow Boot" :- I am forever baffled when I spot the odd singular bit of footwear in the street or on the beach. It makes me wonder if they walked all the way home with only one shoe, flip flop or wellie boot without realising. How does one go about losing just one shoe or sock? Ah well. This rubber bit of foot protection along with other debris was spotted on the beach at Saltdean back in November 2012. I like this image as it shows the terrain of the beach really well as it rises up dramatically towards the chalk cliff face. On top of the cliff you can just make out the top of a bus on the A259 coast road known as "Marine Drive". The 1930's looking building is "Marine View" and was designed by the architect Richard William Herbert Jones, who also designed Saltdean's Ocean Hotel, Saltdean Lido, Teynham House and Curzon House.

"Romanian Sunset" :- Impressive view isn't it. This was the view as we passed near the city of Sebeș in Alba County, southern Transylvania in central Romania. We still had a long drive ahead of us as we were on our way to Constanța on the shores of the Black Sea. The sun was setting behind the mountains and some ominous and dark looking clouds were rolling in. We stopped briefly for fuel which was when I grabbed this shot and then headoed on our way in the darkness of the evening and towards the rest of Transylvania.

"Winter's Tale" :- Not a shot of the chilly weather we've been having this week but a shot of the chilly weather back in March 2013. This was taken along one of the many paths that wind up and through Stanmer Park on the outskirts of Brighton in Sussex. There was a breath catching chill that filled my lungs with cold every time I breathed in. The crunch of snow was interspersed with the squelch of mud as things were beginning to thaw. A frosty sun was trying its best to make the most of things but my fingers were numbing and my toes no longer felt like they were there at all.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill