Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Aisle of St John, Pewter Sea and Quayside

"Aisle of St John" :- I had often walked past St John the Baptist's Church in Kemptown (Brighton). I knew a little of its history and also who was buried there but i'd never set foot inside. I'm not sure what i was expecting but the interior took my breath away. From the outside this large Roman Catholic church looks rather drab and dreary with its stonework painted battleship grey with white edging around the windows and doors etc. The history of the church is fascinating. It was the first Roman Catholic church built in Brighton after restrictions on Catholic worship were removed in the early 19th century. It was paid for by Maria Fitzherbert (who secretly married the Prince Regent in 1785) and was completed in 1835. The church is now another of Brighton's Grade II* listed buildings. Maria Fitzherbert died in 1837 and is buried at the church. If y ou look down the wooden aisle you can just make out a memorial stone to her set in the floor. On the right hand side of the image you can alos see a white wall sculpture that's also dedicated to her.

"Pewter Sea" :- Shot at the beginning of December (2014). A lovely , cold looking, winter scene and sea. Not a lot there to be honest but the clouds neatly balanced up the image with the exposed rocks at low tide below. A vast expanse of space for as far as the eye can see. When i'm on the beach I often find myself wondering what it would all look like with te sea removed. Take away all the water and what would the landscape look like from the same viewpoint. Is it canyon like or a slighly bumpy landscape? Would it simply be too much to take in? Probably.

"Quayside" :- Brighton marina was built from 1971 to 1979. It was pretty basic to begin with but ever since then various bits (houses, apartments, shops, casino, gym & cinema) have been added. Slowly the 127 acres (0.51 km2) artificial marina evolved and took shape. Until recently everything built othere was no higher than 5 or 6 storeys but that's all set to change. They are now in the process of building a 40 storey tower (dubbed the "Roaring Forties" tower) that's going to dwarf everything within the entire area. But that's not all ... Brighton and Hove Council has approved the construction of 10 other multi-storey buildings in the marina too and people are up in arms over it. Protesters are now taking it to courts as (headed by two local professors of architecture) saying that the view from the high cliff above the marina, which will be spoiled, is only one of two in Britain specifically protected by statute. You can read more about the situation here :-

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill