Saturday, 28 February 2015

Dark Stones, Pool Valley and Another Perfect Day

Dark Stones :- Moody and mystical. I just happened to find myself standing in one of the ancient neolithic stone circles of Avebury on my own. The tourists had all but gone, the sun was looking tired and the light was starting to fade slightly. I remember taking this shot not knowing if it would work out ok or not. I knew the stones were in silhouette along with the trees in the background but was trying to keep it so the grass would show up on the bank at the back. The shot turned out to be more atmospheric than I'd anticipated. Avebury is a henge (onstructed around 2600 BCE) that consists of three stone circles and is the largest in the world. The village of Avebury is within the henge itself and is in in Wiltshire, southwest England.

Pool Valley :- For those of you who have journeyed to and from Brighton by coach you'll know this place well. Pool Valley has been Brighton's coach station for a very long time but not many realise the history of this place. The River Wellesbourne used to flow down through the valley and into Brighton where it created a marshy area of land where the fishermen of "Brighthelmstone" would lay their nets out to dry. Before flowing into the English Channel the stream formed a pooled. The marshy area became known as the "Old Steine". What many do not realise is that the River Wellesbourne is still here, it was diverted into a culvert and built over and the pool was hidden under a new road which was named "Pool Valley" in the late 1700's. The little building with the bay windows (left of center) is 9 Pool Valley. It's an original late 18th-century house and is one of the oldest surviving houses in Brighton. It was originally a bakery and remained to be used in the baking and bun business right up until the mid 20th century. For as long as I can remember it's been various restaurants and it's now the "Turkish Villa Restaurant" offering Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine. It's now a Grade II* listed building.

Another Perfect Day :- It's sometimes worth getting wet shoes to get a shot. This was one of those moments. I love the pools and rocks that form much of the beach at Ovingdean Gap during low tide. Sometimes the setting sun coincides with the receding water and it's at those times when the magic happens. There's an unearthly stillness that seems to permeate through everything and in the silence you stand and watch and suddenly become very aware of just how fast we are spinning as the sun drops down.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill