Thursday, 12 February 2015

Force Majeure, Morning Light and White Light

"Force Majeure" :- Some water vapour, a sky, a sea and some land. Surprising how those four elements all come together to make such a beautiful looking image. Of course the fading sunlight has to be thrown into the mix as well adding the icing on nature's cake. This was shot at the end of November in 2014 on Kemptown beach in Brighton. I was the only one taking any notice as everyone else seemed to be staring into their phones or on some other blinkered mission. For a while I found myself watching them instead, wondering what it was that made them so nonchalant towards their surroundings. They all seemed to have a been there, seen it, done it attitude which I found rather disturbing. I find many photographers turn their noses up at sunset photography. It's easy to do, there's no challenge blah blah blah. Who said it had to be difficult? I'd rather take an easy shot of a stunning sunset then a difficult shot of something bland and uninteresting. To me it's not about the camera or what went into taking the shot or how many seconds exposure it was or what f stop it was set at. For me it's all about the image and nothing else, that's what people look at , that's what people see.

"Morning Light" :- This scene has changed dramatically now. The fence is no longer in one piece and a lot of the trees had to be cut down. This is a shot from my back garden back in May 2012, before all the heavy weather and storms came in and hit us at the end of the year. Once the new year got under way we realised that the trees had taken the brunt of the strong winds and were now dangerously swaying in any wind. We had to take the tough choice of having them cut down before they fell through our house ... or worse still one of the neighbours houses. I loved the garden when it looked like this, now it's very open and looks remarkably bare.

"White Light" :- It always amazes me that designers and architects can create things that look wonderful on paper without seeing the reality of what it is they are designing. On paper it's always daylight, the walls are free from graffiti, the greenery is perfect and the subways don't smell of anything. The reality is somewhat different. This is a shot of the subway at the far end of Black Rock in Kemptown which is near the Marina on Brighton seafront. The subway is so brightly lit that when you emerge it's hard to focus on anything in the darkness. There are a mulitude of dark recesses and shadows that seem to mix with a plethora of smells making the entire experience of walking in the area very unpleasant. It's a brooding and solitary environment that's well hidden from the road. But on paper it's bright, happy and perfect with people walking about and loving every minute of it.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill