Friday, 27 February 2015

Heavy Downfall, Night Gap and Sunset Blue

Heavy Downfall :- I hit the beach a few days ago with the camera in the hope that there was going to be a great sunset. This was the scene that met me and first shot I took when I got there. A serious storm was on its way in and just where the sun was setting a cloud was unleashing its payload over the English Channel. Luck for me it was also low tide so I was able to scramble out over the rocks a little and get a better shot. I managed to stay there grabbing a few extra images before I eventually had to make a run for it as the storm finally found its way over me.

Night Gap :- It was 02:40 am, the main coast road was devoid of traffic, it was dark, lonely and cold. There are times that you can get an odd "Twilight Zone" sort of feeling that you are indeed the only person left on the planet and this was one of those moments. No birds tweeting, no cars or traffic to be seen in any direction, no people. Just the sound of the sea crashing in down below at the foot of the cliffs and nothing else. Darkness and the odd pool of electric light.

Sunset Blue :- I love the way that some of the most mundane, boring and ugly things can take on a certain beauty if you catch them at the right time. This grey concrete walkway is one of the main pedestrian routes from Black Rock promenade to the Marina. It's anything but easthetically pleasing. It was designed and built in the 70's and it shows. The blue rails and boards at the top are supposedly to stop people getting into an area of wasteland that's stood empty for aeons. It's wall are graffiti filled so it's obvious that they are getting in anyway. This shot was taken just as the sun was diping out over the sea. It was casting shadows and a beautiful golden light that warmed the concrete and lit the metal rails and wooden boards. I paused a while waiting for others to walk by and then took the shot as I found something very pleasing about it all.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill