Saturday, 21 February 2015

Long Prom, The Inner Circle and Darkside

Long Prom :- The promenade in Hove is much wider and somewhat grander than that of the promenade in Brighton. I suppose I shouldn't really compare the two as they are very different from each other. Brighton's "prom" is on two levels (road and beach) and is famous for its cast iron Victorian decorations. Once you are past the grand and very beautiful "Birdcage" bandstand (built in 1884) the two levels begin to merge into one and join together at the Peace Statue (unveiled in 1912). The "Angel of Peace" stands directly on the border where Brighton ends and Hove takes over and the promenade then runs off towards the West and turns into a wide esplanade flanked by large lawns to its right and the beach and English Channel to its left. There are still a few old Victorian street furnishings to be found as you walk along (railings, lamp posts and sheltered seating) but the feeling of space here is immense. This shot was taken back in December 2014 on a section of Hove promenade that's just beyond the Peace Statue.

The Inner Circle :- I was going to say that the title sounds more mystical than it actually is but then I realised the subject matter is that of Avebury , reputedly the largest stone circle on the planet and you can't get much more mystical than that! Most people around the world have heard of and know of Stonehenge. It's world famous and each year tourists flock in their thousands to visit the ancient monument. However, few realise that to the north (aprox 23 miles or 37 kilometers) lies Avebury, a far bigger and surprisingly more ancient monument than Stonehenge. Unlike Stonhenge which is cordoned off much of the time Avebury is a prehistoric open-air museum. You can freely walk around the site, mingle with the stones and touch the stones. Archaeologists have said that a new date suggests that Avebury was erected around 3000 BC which makes it far older than Stonehenge who's radiocarbon dating suggests its stones were raised circa 2330 BC. Even more staggering is that on of the "The Cove" stones at Avebury is estimated to be somewhere around 100 tons making it twice the weight of the largest megalith used at Stonehenge. The Neolithic henge monument of Avebury contains three stone circles. This is a shot from within the northern inner ring which is 98 metres or 322 ft in diameter. Only four of its stones remain standing.

Darkside :- I don't know why but 99% of the time I photograph the pier in Brighton from its Eastern side. It could be because there are fewer obstructions and I can get down on the beach for a longer shot without much getting in the way. Anyway, on this particular evening I found myself wandering along the upper prom and on the Western side of the pier. The lilac clouds, sky and sea seemed to give everything a slightly foreboding feel so I thought I'd take the shot and get some of the old "beach furniture" in there too. I don't know much about the beach "hut" to the right of the image. Parts of it look Victorian and other parts look to be reasonably modern. This image was shot around 5:30pm on Christmas Eve 2014.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill