Sunday, 8 February 2015

Postern Gate, Falmer Church and As It Should Be

"Postern Gate" :- Look at this and then try and get your head around the sorts of people that once entered in and out through it. Jaw dropping history at its best. This is the postern gate (a secondary door or gate in a fortification) of Pevensey Castle. Previous to being a medieval castle it was also once a Roman Saxon Shore fort. The castle is located in Pevensey which is (aprox) 5 miles north-east of Eastbourne in East Sussex, England. It was built (circa) 290 AD and went by the Roman name of Anderitum (meaning "great ford"). By the end of the Roman Occupation it was abandoned and fell into ruin. But then the Normans arrived. On the 28th September 1066 William the Conqueror and his army landing at Pevensey Bay. It is said that they sheltered for the night within these very walls before heading to Hastings and the legendary battle that changed English history. Afterwards construction commenced on rebuilding the fortress and Pevensey Castle rose once again and was occupied right up until the Elizabethan era. This relatively small postern gate set into a south east section of the seriously thick walls has got some tales to tell.

"Falmer Church" :- Another stunning, old church found within the historically mind blowing county of Sussex in England. The Church of St. Laurence is on a raised graveyard and section of land bound by an old flint wall. In reality the church is not as old as it looks as it was built in 1817 on the remains of the far older 11th Century church. The village of Falmer is (roughly) 9 miles or 14 kilometres North-East of the City of Brighton.

"As It Should Be" :- Peaceful, quiet, relaxing, unspoilt, tranquil and very beautiful. As it should be. A raging and violent distant star slowly drops down to kiss the horizon as another stretch of daylight comes to an end. Take the sun out of the equasion and there would be no life on Earth at all. I stood and watched just how fast the sun dropped and then the reality hit me that it was us that was moving at such a rate and that the sun wasn't going anywhere ... we were. It's an amazing cosmic ballet of diferent sized things all performing varying rotations and orbits. We stand on this planet whilst it spins at 1670 kph or 1037 mph. Not too fast...not too it should be.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill