Sunday, 15 February 2015

River & Chapel, Sol to Soul and Illumination

River & Chapel :- Not a clever bit of CGI for a movie, nor is it a shot of Rivendale or any other village, town or city from a fantasy novel. This is a shot looking across the River Adur towards Lancing College and it's famous Gothic looking Chapel. In 1848 Reverend Nathaniel Woodard founded the college to provide “a good and complete education of sound principle and sound knowledge, firmly grounded in the Christian faith.” The Chapel is a jaw dropping architectural wonder and was designed by R. H. Carpenter and William Slater. Its construction began in 1868 and it wasn't completed until 1911and is the largest school chapel in the world. It's built of Sussex sandstone and its height is (approx) 50 metres and its foundations go down 20 metres into the ground! The Chapel also features a rose window (completed in 1977) which was designed by Stephen Dykes Bower and is (at 32 ft in diameter) the largest rose window in England.

Sol to Soul :- A sunset as seen from the beach at Ovingdean Gap during low tide. The colours were spectacular but something about this image worked well and seemed to resonate with me when it was heavily processed as a black and white image. The thin band of light over the horizon seems to draw you in and the black shapes of the rocks add a feeling and sense of the unknown. This is my favourite section of beach on the Brighton coastline. It's free from tourists and the noise and rush of the city and is the nearest beach to where I live.

Illumination :- Wow. I have had this shot on file for so long, I had no idea! It was shot on 29th December 2011 and has been patiently waiting for me to finally get around to uploading it and today's the day! It's a shot of the large double doors in the side of a building located in Duke Street, Brighton. The building now houses Fabrica, a visual arts organisation established by a group of artists from Red Herring Studios in Brighton. However, it was built in 1817 and was the Holy Trinity Church right up until 1985 when it was deconsecrated and the local Council were going to use it as a museum of Brighton history. That plan eventually got shelved and Fabrica stepped in. In 1981 the building was given a Grade II listing.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill