Monday, 23 February 2015

Wall & Sea, Forgotten & Abandoned and Grand Union Canal

Wall & Sea :- A view of a very bright and sunny English Channel as seen from the 1950's built terraces at Rottingdean in Brighton on the South coast of England. It was shot back in May 2014 during a very enjoyable mini heatwave. It was wonderful to be able to genlty wander around without being knocked over by the wind or soaked to the skin by the rain. These terraces were very run down and dilapidated up until a few years ago when they were suddenly rennovated, revamped and opened as a seafront arts area in 2011.

Forgotten & Abandoned :- This is a street shot of the old Gas Works site that's near Black Rock by the A259 coastal road. It's opposite the Western end of Brighton Marina and just a couple of mnutes walk (if that) from East Brighton Park. The site is now predominantly used for storage and some parking. During World War Two the Black Rock area of Brighton received a concentrated bombardment compared to that of the town center. In August 1942 these gasworks were hit several times and the 1939 built block of luxury flats known as "Marine Gate" was also hit by bombs several times over due to its proximity (just over the road) to the gasworks.

Grand Union Canal :- As you can tell by the title this is a section of the very long and huge Grand Union Canal as it passes through Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, England. The main route of the GUC starts in London and finishes in Birmingham and stretches 220 km or 137 miles. However, there are vaious arms that stem from that main line that serve other areas and one of those arms serves Milton Keynes. You'd think that canal building was a thing of the past but that's far from the truth and it's alive and kicking in Buckinghamshire. The Bedford & Milton Keynes Waterway was first thought of way back in 1810 but it's only now that the scheme and idea has been put into practice. At an estimated cost of £170 million the plan is to build a 26 km or 16 mile long canal that connects the Grand Union at Milton Keynes to the River Great Ouse at Bedford.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill