Thursday, 19 February 2015

Yellow Dot, Distant Home and Palms and Minarets

Yellow Dot :- Land, sea, sky and the largest object in the solar system. Pretty neat eh! Nuclear fusion reactions create the sun's power which is asaid to be (roughly) 386 billion billion mega Watts. That's one mighty huge light bulb! The diameter of that burning, boiling star is 1,390,000 kilometers or 863,710 miles's diameter is a mere 12,742 kilometers or 7,917.5 miles. We ain't all that big at all and yet have the audacity to think we are it. That we are all there is out there ... and that we are clever and intelligent which goes to show just how wrong that thinking is. Our beautiful little blue marble sits in space and dances with the other planets within the solar system and from a distance doesn't look all that different from all the others. But it is. This is the one with the starvation and raging wars, this is the one where money rules and the lifeforms on it will do anything to get their hands on it. This is the one that's being torn apart and its resources are deminishing. This is the one that's our only home.

Distant Home :- Shot from land by the Summer Down car park that's just off of Devil's Dyke Road at Devil's Dyke on the South Downs in West Sussex. The view looks through the trees and down onto the land below and the village of Poynings. This area is a well known and legendary beauty spot and is most visited site on the South Downs. The valley of the Dyke itself is almost a mile long making it the longest, deepest and widest 'dry valley' in the UK. The famous landscape painter John Constable (1776 -1837) described the outspread land seen from Devil’s Dyke as 'the grandest view in the world'.

Palms and Minarets :- Not some far off tropical land full of sand and camels at all but a shot taken from the Royal Pavilion Gardens of the minarets on top of The Dome concert hall and arts venue in Brighton on the south coast of England. Work started on the buuilding of this complex in 1803 and it was built for the Prince Regent (who later bcame King George IV). It's hard to believe but this incredible looking building was constructed to be the Prince Regent's stables with the Corn Exchange next door as the riding school. These stables were based on the 1782 "Halle au Ble" in Paris and were designed to house 44 horses with the groomsmen staying on the balcony level above. The "Dome" itself is a large cupola which measures 24.38 metres or 80 feet in diameter and is 19.81 metres or 65 feet in height. The Dome is now a concert hall and entertainment venue and famous for being where Abba got their big break when they won the Eurovision Song Contest held here in 1974. Brighton Dome is one of the few buildings to have a double Grade listed status. One for the 1930s Art Deco interior and another for its Indian-style exterior.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill