Thursday, 5 March 2015

Aquarium Station, Silhouette Beach and Man of Mystery

Aquarium Station :- A shot of the Aquarium Station that's at the Western end of Magnus Volk's Electric Railway. It opened in 1883 and is the oldest operating electric railway in the world. The trains run (every 15 minutes) to and fro between the Aqaurium Station and the Black Rock Station which are (approx) one and a quarter miles or 2.01 kilometres apart. Although it opened on 4th August 1883 the line was extended in 1884 and then again in 1901 which is now (pretty much) the route that you see today.

Silhouette Beach :- An afterthought shot. I'd been down on the beach photographing the ruins of the West Pier backed by the sunset for an hour or so and finally decided to head back into town. As I made my way up the beach and onto the promenade I turned and looked back to see everything in silhouette with a bright and glistening sea glowing in the background. I set up the camera once more and grabbed the shot before making my way towards the warmth of my favourite local pub.

Man of Mystery :- Situated on the side of a steep hill near the village of Wilmington in the Wealden District of East Sussex you'll find this large standing figure of a man. He's known as the "Long Man of Wilmington" and he's a 69.2-metre or 227 feet tall chalk figure. Origianlly they thought that the figure dated from the Neolithic or Iron Age periods but recent archaeological work suggests that it may have been cut in the 16th or 17th centuries. However, nobody is certain of the Long Man's origins although a drawing of the Long Man made by the surveyor John Rowley in 1710 has been discovered. The Long Man is one of only two human hill figures in England (the other is the Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset).

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill