Monday, 23 March 2015

Cable Telegraph, Nowhere To Go and Harvest

Cable Telegraph :- At the eastern end of the wooden toll bridge (built in 1782) in Shoreham (West Sussex) you'll find this old yellow metal "Cable Telegraph" sign near the Old Shoreham Road (A283). I would dearly love to be able to tell you its histpry and why it's there but after an extensive search online I have found very little information about it. All I have discovered is that it's one of a pair of signs (the other being on the opposite bank) that warn of the presence of a 'cable telegraph' that runs under the River Adur. I have no idea of the date it was first placed here but am guessing it must be from the late 1930's or early 1940's.

Nowhere To Go :- Quite literally the calm before the storm. As I stood on the rocks I could clearly see the rain falling out to sea. The clouds were almost touching the surface of the water in places. Where I was standing all was still, quiet and tranquil. I knew it would only be a matter of time before the storm made it to shore as I could feel the temperature dropping by the minute and the wind was starting to pick up. The shot was taken from the beach at Ovingdean Gap in Brighton.

Harvest :- This was shot way back in August 2012. The corn had been cut and neat rows were catching the afternoon sunlight. They made me think of rolling waves and then my mind jumped and made the connection with grooves in the old vinyl records when you see them magnified. I then realised that it doesn't matter if you are looking at waves of water, waves of corn or waves of sound. they all pretty much looked the same as each other. Mother Nature has a uniformity to her that she's quite clever at hiding in plain view. Sound, water and wind are all very different from each other but they all act the same way ... in waves.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill