Monday, 16 March 2015

Daily Doodle : Red Nose Day

I have finally caught up with the sketches I have missed so here's the one that should have been done and posted on Friday. Here in Britain last Friday (13th) was Red Nose Day which happens once a year for Comic Relief. Because of this the theme was also "Red Nose Day". I wasn't sure what to do at first. Thoughts of drunks with red noses sprang to mind, people with colds and noses red from blowing them all the time etc. Obviously the thought of clowns sprang to mind but i'd drawn a couple of theose over the last few months anyway so was trying to avoid all that when a certain clown sprang to mind that I adored as a child and to be honest still hold a place in my heart from him now even though he died many years ago. I was fortunate enough to see him live once at Blackpool Tower Circus. He was wonderful, heartwarming, very funning and awesome. So my subject fro Friday's "Red Nose Day" theme is the late and very great Charlie Cairoli.