Saturday, 21 March 2015

Descend Into Light, Palace of Fun and Eventide

Descend Into Light :- Designed and created for your safety but fraught with nothing but danger. This is a bicycle and pedestrian subway that connects the upper coast road of Marine Drive (A259) with the lower seafront road of Madeira Drive in Brighton. It was shot around 02:00 am, it was very quiet and as far as I could tell there was nobody about but this was as far as I chose to go.

Palace of Fun :- Brighton beach and pier caught in silhouette by the early evening sun. The pier is one of Britain's top tourist attractions and has been providing various entertainments since it first opened in 1899. The far end out to sea has now been transformed into a fairground with many rides that are designed to thrill you in way or another. The middle section has the 'famous' Palm Court fish and chip restaurant and Victoria's Bar and the front section has the 'Palace of Fun' which is a rather loud amusement arcade packed with machines that all seem to have flashing lights. Along the entire length of the pier there are various stalls, booths and souvenir stores.

Eventide :- A shot looking down towards Widecombe-in-the-Moor from Bonehill Rocks which are in Dartmoor National Park in Devon, England. It was nearly 9pm and the sunset was creating a golden glow in the sky and catching a few clouds that were scudding by. I'd been driving for most of the day so was pleased to finally get where we'd been heading and stretch the legs. Dry stone walls are amazing things but only exist within certain areas of Britain. Strangely enough you find them more in and around places with moorland ... but thinking about it that's where you're going to find more granite rocks with which to build them. Dartmoor National Park is 954 square kilometres in size.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill