Thursday, 12 March 2015

Face the Front, Corner On and Last Post

Face the Front :- Early evening on Brighton's famous Victorian promenade. The sun was throwing long shadows around as I found myself on a reasonably desserted and quiet seafront. I grabbed this shot because a woman had stoped walking and had turned to gaze out to sea which seemed to mirror the gaze that Dr John was giving me from the poster advertising his concert at Brighton Dome on Thursday 8th of March which just happens to be today!

Corner On :- Between the chalk cliffs that rise up to the East of Brighton and the beach you'll discover a wide and very long walkway. It was constructed in the early 1930's (1930 to 1933) and cost £360,000 to build. Originally it finished by the coastal village of Rottingdean but it was extended in 1935 to reach Saltdean. This walkway by the sea is now 3.35 miles or 5.39 kilometres in length and varies in width (depending on the cliffs and which section you are on) from 8 to 35 feet. The wall itself is just 10 feet above high tide so when the weather is rough the waves pound up and high over head, it's not a place to find yourself during angry seas and storms. The seawall was constructed using huge concrete blocks with the top section being a "wave return parapet" to help throw the water back. Up on the walkway at the foot of the cliffs there's also a 'splash wall' which is there to help protect the chalk from erosion when waves do breach and splash over during high tides. This shot was taken from the beach near Saltdean n Sussex.

Last Post :- I can clearly remember taking this shot and why I took it. I'd heard that many of the old iron supports of the West Pier (built in 1866) were going to be removed to clear the area for the construction of the i360 tower on Brighton seafront. I headed down there to photgraph the posts before they were removed. As it turned out only the posts at the top of the beach were removed so the post in this image is still proudly standing as well as others near the sea. Theseold supports used to hold aloft the wooden walkway and decking of the pier. I remeber my parents taking me on it n the early 70's. There were children's rides and an inflatable "space dome" that you could bounce around in. There was a hall of crazy mirrors, a rifle range and even crazy golf. Now there's just some rusty posts and her old iron frame to remind us of her.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill