Friday, 13 March 2015

Heath Garden, Mystical World and Gap in the Storm

Heath Garden :- A reminder of what it's like to be in warmer and sunnier times. It was a gloriously hot July afternoon so we tok advantage of the great weather and headed out to Nymans, a National Trust property located at Handcross in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. The gardens began life in 1890 and through various decades three generations of the Messel familly added bits and landscaped the area. These historic gardens are now considered to be one of the greatest 20th century gardens in England.

Mystical World :- I have to own up and admit that I really like this shot of mine. The shapes, shadows, light and subject all fell together just right. I also have to admit that i didn't plan it that way and that it only looked great once I'd processed it as a black and white image. These are the dwarf oak trees of the relatively famous Wistman's Wood on Dartmoor in Devon. The rocks are covered in moss and lichen, the trees are twitsed and gnarled and shadows dance and play all around you. When you stand here it's hard not to believe in goblins, fairies, trolls and fairy tale folk in general. Some have described the wood as being "the most haunted place on Dartmoor". It's also supposedly the home of the 'Wisht Hounds' who are huge black hounds from hell with blood red eyes, huge yellow fangs and an insatiable hunger for human flesh and souls. I saw none of that whatsoever, not a single pixie, harpy or gnome came my way. Just dapled, dancing light and the beauty of this enchanting wood.

Gap in the Storm :- A brief moment that i hapened to catch and get a shot of before it all vanished as quickly as it happened. Standing on the beach at Ovingdean Gap I'd been photographing the heavy storm that was over the City and sea. A few times I lost sight of Brighton altogether as the dark and ominous clouds seemed to swallow everything up. It was heading my way too as a few spots of rain were beginning to leave their mark on my jacket as the temperature droped rapidly. It was time to go. As I made my way up the beach I just happened to turn for one last look and this was the view that I saw. Fortunately the camera was still (pretty much) set up and ready to go so I quickly took this one last shot before heading for shelter and making my way back to the car. Brighton is perfectly framed by the gap in the clouds ... it didn't last long though as it had vanished again a minute or two later.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill