Friday, 20 March 2015

Lowering Heavens, Cafe~Bar and The Grange

Lowering Heavens :- A small block of light makes it through the dense, dark and ominous storm cloud just to notify you that it is in fact still daylight. It was 18:45 in the evening and I found myself wrapped up against the elements and trying my best to record a few shots of the storm before it rolled my way. I could already feel the odd spot of rain on the wind and new it was only a short matter of time until the heavy downfall soaked everything where I was standing. It was shot on the beach at Ovingdean Gap which is just a few miles east of the City of Brighton on the south coast of England.

Cafe~Bar :- I've had this shot on file for a lng time as it was taken sometime during March 2012. The lower promenade in Brighton is full of restaurants, cafes and bars that now fill the old Victorian arches that once housed fishing boats. It's an odd and garish partnership where old meets new but it's now very much part of Brighton and its tourist industry. This was shot by "Carousels Fish and Chips" and the "Old Penny Arcade" museum which also calls itself the National Museum of Penny Slots Machines (1895-1955).

The Grange :- This is the back of the 16th Century Southover Grange in the historical town of Lewes in East Sussex. It was built ( in 1572) for William Newton who was Steward to the Earl of Dorset and Caen limestone from the ruins of Lewes Priory was used in its construction. The Newton familly owned the building for nearly 300 years where it finally changed into different hands in 1860. George, the Prince of Wales often stayed at the Grange when visiting Lewes. Southover Grange is a Grade II building.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill