Saturday, 7 March 2015

Nature of the Beast, Coast Road Lights and Tor & Bush

Nature of the Beast :- A primordial scene from the beach at Ovingdean Gap which is (aprox) three miles East of the City of Brighton. The white chalk bed was glowing with the light as the sun genlty lowered with each second. This is where I come to relax. It's away from the hubbub of the City. High above the cliff top the main coast road (the A259) is a constant stream of traffic, down here you cannot hear any of it at all. Everything is still and very peaceful with only the sound of the waves and the odd cry of a gull.

Coast Road Lights :- It's a dark, long and lonely walk. The lights in the far distance are those of the Ovingdean Roundabout...and that's where I was aiming for. The walk takes me either up and over the cliff tops or down and along the undercliff walk, either way is a good 30 minute trek. Once I get to the roundabout I then have another 15 minute walk through the village before I get home. This shot was taken around 02:00 am, I eventually got home around 02:45 am.

Tor & Bush :- This is a shot of the beautiful Bell Tor which is situated near and above the village of Widecombe-in-the-Moor which is in Dartmoor, Devon. I'd woken up early, looked out the window and saw the glorious sunshine beginning to spread out over the land. Feeling inspired and invigorated I suddenly found myself outside and walking up the steep country lane towards the huge granite outcrops at the top ogf the hill. No tourists or rock climbers to get in the way of my shots, they were still having breakfast. This allowed me to take my time and look around as the sun began to warm the scenery. After half an hour or so I decided that breakfast would be a good idea after all so trudged back down and bid everyone a goodmorning.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill