Sunday, 22 March 2015

Paint It Black, Beacon Mill and Cold & Warm

Paint It Black :- Just a black painted wooden door in an alleyway somewhere in the City of Brighton. But this is no longer an ordinary alleyway as it was made famous in the film Quadrophenia (1979) by being the location where Jimmy Cooper (Phil Daniels) and Steph (Leslie Ash) escape the police and fall through a doorway into the yard and proceed to have sex. This location is now known as "Quadrophenia Alley" and has become a shrine and is sacred to most Mods. The door is actually the back door to Choys Chinese Restaurant, it was once red but it soon got covered in graffiti by those visiting the alley so it's now been painted black. The wall to the left of the image still sports some graffiti. Every now and then the area is cleaned up but it's not before long that a new batch of messages and scrawlings appear.

Beacon Mill :- I am blessed by living in such a rural and beautiful area that's still within a vast and sprawling famous city and seaside resort. The historical tourist magnet that is Brighton is just a 10 minute drive away from this quiet and idyllic spot. Beacon Mill was built in 1802. She is a grade II listed smock mill and is located high up on Beacon Hill Nature Reserve which sits between the ancient villages (both in the Domesday Book of 1086) of Ovingdean and Rottingdean on the south coast of England. The mill was a working mill up until 1881 and she was very nearly demolished in 1890. Over the years since then various efforts have been made to save her and keep her in decent condition. The mill now has a steel frame inside that extends up into the cap to help support her delicate and old wooden frame. She is now looked after by the Rottingdean Preservation Society.

Cold & Warm :- It always pays to turn away from your subject matter and do a complete 360° spin from time to time. It's too easy to stay focused on one thing and miss everything else that going on around you. On this occasion I stepped away from the camera and had a quick look around which was when I saw the rich tones of the sunset contrasting against the grey and cold tones of the sea and sky. I grabbed the tripod and quickly relocated (minding the rock pools on the way) in order to get this shot. Sometimes the most mundane things can be transformed into such beautiful scenes if you are lucky enough to get the timing right. I think this image has a lot of drama and power to it.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill