Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Roads, Top Route and Evening Sun

Roads :- These are the (upper) approach and (lower) exit roads of Brighton Marina. Built in the 1970's they daily take the weight of all manner of transport as they go to and from this huge 'floating' village. This was shot a couple of years ago in 2012 but right now the section in the middle (with the two large support pillars) is covered in scaffolding as maintenance is carried out. This also mean that the pedestrian walkway wich runs up to the Black Rock promenade is also currently closed off. Busses, delivery lorries and large trucks trundle over these roads that are held aloft and it's not until you look at them from this vantage point (high up from the top of the nearby car park) that you realise just how thin they are.

Top Route :- There are several ways that I can walk or bicycle between home and the city of Brighton. Some are quicker than others but by far the most breathtaking is the clifftop route that runs alongside the main A259 coast road. The pathway sits on top of the 80 feet (24.38 metres) high chalk cliffs and offers huge panoramic views out over the English Channel. At certain points the pathway comes very close to the edge of the cliffs with only a thin wire fence separating you from the drop to the concrete undercliff walk down below. When the weather is pleasant it's a wonderful route to take but when it's wet and windy it's absolutely soul destroying!

Evening Sun :- An old village lane gets caught in the last few beams of evening sun. The rough, dirt track is called "Hog Plat Lane" and it runs between the historical village of Rottingdean and the Beacon Hill Nature Reserve with its famous Windmill looking out to sea. This was one of the routes (in more ancient times) that flocks of sheep would take to go down to the nearby village pond. Halfway up the lane you'll now discover a vast array of allotments spreading up the hill.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill