Sunday, 29 March 2015

Shadow on the Wall, Winter Shore and 16th Century Dovecote

Shadow on the Wall :- A visual gift handed to me on a plate. Back in 2013 I found myself standing within St Alban's Church in Coombe Road, Brighton. A few days later the bulldozers were going to move in and flatten the place so I was one of the very last people to set foot inside (with permission). Obviously I took my camera along for the ride (just in case). It was afternoon so the light was flooding in through the old leaded church windows and the wooden beams of the ceiling were casting odd angular shadows on the wall. As luck would have it the large wooden cross that had been hanging on the Western interior wall had already been taken down and removed and was now standing on the floor and leaning up at an angle against a rail. The shadows from the beams all seemed to be pointing to cross shaped mark where the cross had originally been painted around. The church has now long since gone and one and two bedroom flats and three and four bedroom houses will rise where it once stood.

Winter Shore :- It was a blustery and grey day (much like today) back in November 2014. I'd wrapped up warm and found myself down on the beach and completely on my own. Not a soul to be seen in any direction. This is a view from Ovingdean beach looking east. On the left hand side the cliffs undulate and vanish around the corner where you'll discover the historical village of Rottingdean. On the right hand side the English Channel rolls and churns with France a mere 125 kilomteres / 78 miles away to the South.

16th Century Dovecote :- Situated in the grounds of Avebury Manor in Wiltshire you'll disvocer this unusual looking stone built structure. It's a Grade II* listed mid 16th century circular dovecote that once contained over 500 nesting pigeons which would have supplied a fresh supply of meat for the Manor in winter. Apparently it still contains 15 tiers of nest boxes. By normal standards this would be of huge historic interest but this wonderful looking dovecote is somewhat overshadowed by the fact that it's in the village of Avebury which is world famous for its Neolithic henge monument ... which dates from 2800 BC onwards!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill