Sunday, 1 March 2015

So We'll Walk up the Avenue, St George & Dragon and Sunbeam

So We'll Walk up the Avenue :- Not taken during the recent cold snap that we experienced but taken during one a couple of years ago as this shot is from March 2013. I'd driven carefully down to Stanmer Park on the outskirts of Brighton, parked up and gone off exploring with my camera. I chose a route I'd not walked along before and found myself on this long stretch of muddy pathway with the odd patch of snow. In fact i'd wandered so far through "Great Wood" that I eventually came out the other side and found myself up on the Ditchling Road. This image was taken as I endured the walk all the way back again to where I'd parked the car.

St George & Dragon :- I wish I could tell you more about these doors and the rooms beyond them but I know nothing about what's beyond them whatsoever. I also wish that I could tell you who carved and crafted the magnificent St George & Dragon that stands between the two doors but alas I cannot. I have surfed and searched the net looking for anythjing about this stone figure and have come up with nothing at all. The doors and carving are inside Buckfast Abbey which is an active Benedictine monastery at Buckfast, near Buckfastleigh in Devon, England. There has been an Abbey at Buckfast sonce 1018 but work started on constructing this one in 1907 and it was finally completed in 1938 although it was consecrated earlier in 1932.

Sunbeam :- Well what can I say about this that the title doesn't? Not a lot really. A gentle afternoon stroll along Brighton beach between the Marina and the Pier offered up this striking scene. The clouds are a little deceiving as it was actually a very pleasant and mild afternoon, you can tell it was by how calm the English Channel looks. No waves crashing in at all, just a gentle rolling of water onto the beach and that wonderful sound of stones being dragged out again like clockwork. It was the last day of November (2014) and the sky was full of the hues that only winter can provide.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill