Monday, 2 March 2015

Sun & Rust, Wet Perspective and Man Made World

Sun & Rust :- Pebbles rise up under the frame of Brighton's famous pier and create a cramped, tight space. The sun in the West manages throw a few beams beneath causing everything to light up for a short period. The rust starts to glow as another day slowly fades into evening as the 116 year old pier prepares for the night.

Wet Perspective :- This was one of those moments that came out of the blue and presented itself to me when I least expected it. I'd walked along the undercliff walk into Brighton and decided to take the more interesting route through Brighton Marina. Not as many photo opportunites as I'd hoped for so decided to head on itno town. I cut through the huge (and souless) car park, droped down a few levels and exited at the back onto the walkway. It was at that moment I spotted the three patches of water perfectly mirroring the thin line of natural light and sky up above. The added bonus was that the rails on the left were casting faint shadows on the wall to the right creating the illusion of many lines on all sides shooting off towards vanishing point.

Man Made World :- This image looks as though I have taken some of the colour out of it and desaturated it during processing ... I didn't. It was a bleak, cold and wet day. The storm clouds were refusing to move along. Everything was damp and clammy. The sea was thunderous and angry. The waves were rolling in fast and thumping around like a stroppy teenager. I was the only one stupid to be down here. Everyone else had the sense to stay warm and dry. Apart form the sea and the cliff face on the right everything in this shot is mankind's creation. The rocks were shipped in and placed to break the waves up. The slipway and wall was built in the 1930's. The Marina in the distance was built in 1970 and Brighton itsel;f dates from before the Domesday Book written in 1086.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill