Friday, 27 March 2015

The Grandest View, Dark Days and Church and Pension

The Grandest View in the World :- A bit of an outlandish title and statement but they are not my words. They were the words uttered the famous English painter John Constable (1776 - 1837) when he stood here and looked out upon the panorama from Devil’s Dyke which is (aprox) 5 miles north of Brighton in Sussex. The Dyke itself is a 100m deep V-shaped valley and is the longest, widest and deepest dry chalk valley in the country. The hills surrounding the valley offer views of the South Downs, The Weald, and even the Isle of Wight on a clear day (the IOW is over 60 miles away from Devil's Dyke). This view is looking north from the top of the National Trust run site.

Dark Days :- The dramatic combination of a sunset and incoming storm. The light was having the life squeezed out of it which was causing a strange and eerie darkness to fall way before its time. The beach fell still, the gulls stopped flying and screeching and it felt like the world was about to draw to a close and simply pop into oblivion. It didn't. But I managed to get reasonably wet as the storm eventually made land and threw itself at me with all it'd got. As with a lot of my beach shots this was photographed at Ovingdean Gap to the east of Brighton.

Church and Pension :- Shot back in 2013 as I was heading back to England via Germany after driving all the way to Romania. This church and guesthouse / restaurant / bar are located in Obertrubach which is a municipality in the district of Forchheim in Bavaria in Germany. We'd driven late at night through nothing but forest and at one point thought we were lost and that the sat nav was playing games with us by sending us the wrong way and into the middle of nowhere. But then we eventually went over the brow of a darkened hill and there it was all lit up and looking very inviting indeed. This was my first time in Bavaria and I found the architecture and surroundings absolutely stunning.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill