Saturday, 28 March 2015

Valhalla, Seaford Prom and Across a Darkened Garden

Valhalla :- There are times when you get caught out completey by surprise. This was one of them. I'd glanced out the window and seen the clouds starting to pinken slightly so grabbed the camera and set out from home to the beach. I'd done this many times (the beach is only a 25 minute walk or 5 minute drive from where I live) and sometimes it had payed off and other times it had been a wasted outing. When I got to the beach the the sun was beginning to lower but didn't look as if it was going to do anything special. There was heavy cloud cover in the are too so I didn't hold out much hope. I "snapped" the odd shot here and there to justify me going out in the first place but found myself kicking my heels and wondering if I should simply go back. But then, quite suddenly and completely out of the blue this sunset literally erupted and lit up the scene. I held my breathh in awe and then after a few seconds remembered I should be taking photos of it befoe it vanished for good. As luck wqould have it the tide was out as well so the pools of sea water trapped and left behind were acting as natural mirror to the display. The shot was taken on the beach at Ovingdean Gap which is (approx) 3 miles east of the City of Brighton.

Seaford Prom :- That lovely time of the day when everyone vacates the area and goes home for their tea. It leaves me to wander around freely (a bit like the opening scenes in the movie 28 Days Later) without anyone getting in my shot. Most of my photos and images avoid people. Don't get me wrong ... I love people and good company but for some reason I prefer my images just to show scenes and towns without people in them. It's quite challenging at times and I try to get it "in shot" rather than photoshopping things out which means an awful lot of patience is involved along with good timing. Anyway this was shot somewhere around 19:20 on the promenade at Seaford on the south coast of England. to the right of the image you can see a stretch of land jutting out...that's Newhaven harbour and cliffs.

Across a Darkened Garden :- This is a shot of the majestic and unique Royal Pavilion in Brighton as seen from the Pavilion Gardens at night. The building started off life as a humble farmhouse knwon as "Brighton House" but it soon began to grow and expand as soon as Prince George leased it in 1786. In 1787 the building was enlarged and then in 1801/02 it was enmlarged once again with the addition of a dining room and conservatory. It was also around this time that the Prince purchased more land surrounding the building which he then had his riding school and stables built on (now the Dome Concert Hall and Corn Exchange). The building that everyone now knows as the Brighton pavilion really came into its own when the Prince brought in the designer John Nash who redesigned the entire palace between 1815 and 1822 and created what you now see today. The building is open to the public and a major tourist attraction (

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill