Saturday, 14 March 2015

White Red Black, Rock Horizon and Instant Karma

White Red Black :- Not the sort of thing i'd normally photograph but I suddenly realised the visual impact of it all so took the opportunity fo taking the shot. I'd been walking around for a few hours and decided to take the weight of my feet for a minute or two by sitting on a bench situated on the concourse of the Churchill Square Shopping Center in Brighton. As I sat there I noticed the area was pretty much empty but for the odd pedestrian and shopper and that the entire scene fascinated me with it's bright window displays and yet it all still somehwo looked rather bleak and soulless.

Rock Horizon :- These huge boulders and rocks have been piled up and placed in strategic positions along the beaches at Rottingdean (on the Sussex coast) to act as breakwaters and assist the buildup of the beach due to longshore drift. Signs are everywhere warning children (and adults) not to climb on the rocks but once the sun is out it's impossible not to find them festooned with kids clambering all over them. When I took this shot it was a bright and sunny day but late in the afternoon so they'd all gone home for tea!

Instant Karma :- Low tide at Ovingdean Gap (my favourite beach) during sundown. It's all too easy to stand out on the rocvks and photogra[h the lowering sun and forget to turn around. On this occasion I did a quick 360° and saw the light on the chalk cliff face. It's quite a dramatic shot. On top of the cliffs is the main coast road (A259) that runs into the City of Brighton which you can see on the far left.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill