Sunday, 8 March 2015

Zodiac Window, Pevensey Castle and Transcendence

Zodiac Window :- A shot fom within the famous and historical Middle Street Synagogue in Brighton. A vast majority of the time its doors are securley locked and its lavish interior is hidden away from the gaze of the public but once in a while it's opened up for an afternoon and you are free to wander around and take in its beauty. The Middle Street Synagogue opened in 1875 and due to various benefactors it rose from humble and plain beginnings to eventually become known as "One of Europe's Greatest Synagogues". In 1970 the building gained a Grade II* listing and what you see now is pretty much exactly how it looked at the turn of the last century. One of the things the Synagogue is very famous for is its round window that sits high above the door on the upper balcony. The marble and stone stained glass window takes the form of a "wheel" and is divided into 12 segments with each segment featuring one of the signs of the Zodiac depicted within the stained glass.

Pevensey Castle :- These ruins look rather insignificant and are tucked away in a little village called Pevensey (East of Eastbourne) on the south coast of England. They started out life in the 4th century as a Roman 'Saxon Shore' fort. Believe it or not two thirds of those original Roman shore fort walls still stand to this day...they built things to last. Where the history of this Castle gets really interesting is when we enter the 11th century ... and the year of 1066. On the 28th September 1066 William the Conqueror's army landed at Pevensey and it's here that they chose to shelter for the night before heading on to Hastings and Battle where the legendary batytle took place and changed England on the 14th October 1066.

Transcendence :- Another shot from my favourite beach at Ovingdean Gap. There are moments where it feels like you are the only one on the planet when you are standing here and looking out to sea. Those moments are then broken by the glimpse of a boat in the distance or an airliner speeding through the clouds overhead. Travel is fast now. We jump in our cars and get from A to B as quick as we can. Harnessing flight has proved that we can navigate the globe in a fraction of the time that navigators of old used to take in thier tall ships. Everything is done at lightning speed. If we have to wait a few seconds it's too long. Here on the beach I'm away from all of that. Here I can take my time and breath at a pace of my choosing.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill