Sunday, 12 April 2015

Breathing Fire, Italian Loggia and Chapel of St. Benedict

Breathing Fire :- I've been saving this one on file for the right moment to post it as I (personally) think it's rather special. The problem is after keeping it on file for a while (it was taken on the 28th November 2014) and waiting for the right time to post it you find that the right time never actually arives as you've put the image on a pedestal. So I have chosen today to be the day to post it and unleash it into the wild. The image is of the ruins of the old 1866 built West Pier in brighton backed by a sunset that was bing stifled by some very odd and heavy grey / blue clouds. I chose the angle carefully so that the sunlight lined up with the 'mouth' of the pier thus creating the effect of some odd steam punk fire breathing metallic monster wading towards the shore. It's an image that I am very proud of as it conjures up many thoughts, feelings and fantastical notions!

Italian Loggia :- I was amazed to find that nobody was anywhere near this wonderful looking structure that sits in the ornate and vast gardens of Nymans which is a National trust owned garden, house and ruin in Handcross, Haywards Heath, West Sussex. It was a gloriously sunny and hot July afternoon as I found myself standing on my own with the freedom to take my time with the shot without anyone getting in the way. Luxury. This Italian loggia (an architectural feature which is a covered exterior gallery or corridor) was built sometime in the 1920s and is covered with Clematis and roses. It's situated in an area known as the "Sunk Garden" which is just one of the many sections that make up the extensive and well looked after gardens that are said to be one of the greatest 20th century gardens in England.

Chapel of St. Benedict :- A moody and atmospheric shot of the Chapel of St. Benedict that's within Buckfast Abbey which is part of an active Benedictine monastery in Buckfast which is near Buckfastleigh in Devon. It looks like a late night image but in actual fact it was shot around 11 am on a wet and grey Thursday morning. The Abbey is absolutely spotless and gleaming from one corner to the other because in 2012 it was subjected to an extensive restoration and cleaning program. An Abbey has stod on this site since 1018 but the one you see in this image was founded on 28th October 1882 and opened it's doors on 24th July 1937.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill