Friday, 17 April 2015

Chance of Rain, Path & Sign and Count to 10

Chance of Rain :- Low tide in the Cornish village of Mevagissey gave me the chance to nip down onto a small stretch of sand and get among the rocks for this moody shot of the outer harbour. A storm had been threatening to break for a couple of hours but apart from the odd spot of rain it did nothing apart from hang over the sea, harbour and village. This part of England is famous for its tales of smugglers and pirates and Mevagissey has quite a smuggling history. It's streets and roads are narrow and full of twists and turns which enabled the smugglers that operated in the area to give the excisemen (tax collectors) the slip whenever they caught up with them. Mevagissey was famously known for its boat building and the boats it built in the 18th Century (1700's) were capable of making the trip from France to England in a day or less. You can read more about the smugglers here "Smugglers in Cornwall"

Path & Sign :- As I was taking this shot thoughts of the old "Hammer Horror" films from the 70's sprang to mind along with images of Victorian London in the fog and The Slaughtered Lamb Inn from "An American Werewolf in London". It was very eerie up on the path that leads over East Brighton Golf Course from the village of Ovingdean to Whitehawk. A thick sea mist had rolled in and devoured the beach as well as quite a bit of Brighton itself. The sounds were deadened and stifled, the wildlife was still and visibility was reduced to just a few hundred yards. This shot was taken just before the path drops down to the golf house (hidden in the mist). The sign that's silhouetted where the path splits is warning those using the public right of way that it's also a bridleway and that horses are ridden in the area too.

Count to 10 :- Right time, right place. I'd hada hunch that we were in for a decent sunset so threw a few bits in the car and headed down to the beach at Ovingdean Gap. When I got there it didn't look as if it was going to actually do much at all and I was considering packing up and calling it a day when the sky suddenly lit up and Mother Nature put on this staggering display. We are lucky here in Brighton. Because of our position on the south coast we get to see some incredible sunsets over the English Channel. No city skyline or skyscrapers to get in our way here (although soon the City of Brighton will have several large ugly towers thundering skywards from the Marina and the i360 on Brighton seafront). Of all the sunsets that I have witnessed and caught on camera I have to say this one was the most spectacular and it did actually take my breath away. I was also lucky in that it coincided with low tide so got the added bonus of the reflections in the pools left behind.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill