Tuesday, 28 April 2015

End of the Show, Ring Through the Trees and Consumed by Time

End of the Show :- Shot in November 2014 as the sun droped down and lit up a long cloud that was stretching out to sea and hanging off the coast of Brighton. We are blessed with some incredible sunsets and twilight scenes here. The starlings often swarm in and awe the tourists with their huge murmerations around sunset. The Victorian architecture looks even more wonderful when it's back ed by the glow of the evening. The waves lap and drag the pebbles down the beach in a hypnotic, drowse inducing way. This is the Brighton I love.

Ring Through the Trees :- This was shot just by the National Trust Shop and Circles Cafe in the village of Avebury. The village is famous for being partially built within an ancient set of stone cirlces. In fact Avebury is the largest stone cirlce in Europe and it's specualted that it's possibly the largest in the world. So in this image if you look beyond the wire fence in the foreground and beyond the silhouetted tree you'll see some of the standing stones arcing off into the distance as they are caught by the evening sun. It's an incredible place to wander and explore and unlike Stonehenge you are free to walk or sit among the stones and contemplate life in general. Avebury is in Wiltshire, in southwest England.

Consumed by Time :- It was very eerie standing in this old ruined School and Church. It's surrounded by tall trees and stands in a small clearing at the bottom of a slope near a country lane on west Sussex, England. It was built in 1880 and served as a School during the week and a Church at the weekends. It stopped being used as a School in 1925 but continued to be used as a Church right up until 1959 where it finally held its last Wedding. I have often wondered about the people that got married on that fnal day and want to know if they have seen what their place of marriage looks like now.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill