Thursday, 2 April 2015

Hazy Stairwell, Lewes Cliffs and Little Fishermen

Hazy Stairwell :- Late afternoon sun bounces of the rails and wall of the 1930's built step at Ovingdean gap on the south coast of England. This small flight connects the subway that goes under the main coast road with the path on top of the cliffs. If you continue to the left of this image you'll discover the main flight that takes you from the cliff top all the way down to the undercliff walk and beach. Going down isn't too bad but going up them can make you legs burn a bit by the time you reach the top.

Lewes Cliffs :- Not on a beach or by any sea. This chalk cliff face sits to the east of the town of Lewes right by the A26 and the south entrance to the Cuilfail Tunnel. The area is known as Cliffe Hill and it's famouse for a disaster that occured in the 1800's. In December 1836 there'd been severe snowfall and the cliffs were heavy with a build up of snow. On the the morning of 27th December at 10.15 the snow gave way and fell 100 metres killing several people and flattening a row of cottages. Still to this day it's the deadliest avalanche on record in the United Kingdom. There's a pub just opposite that's called the "Snowdrop Inn" which is named after the event. The pub was built on the site where the cottages once stood.

Little Fishermen :- Can you see them? They are there just under the horizon in the middle of the image standing on the long breakwater. This was shot back in May 2013 during low tide on the beach at Telscombe which is between Saltdean and Peacehaven on the Sussex coast of England. I'd not explored this section of beach before so I made my way down from the cliffs up above and found an entirely different part of Telscombe that i'd not seen before. Telscombe itself is made up of three area which are Telscombe Tye, Telscombe village and Telscombe Cliffs. Obviously this was shot in the Telscombe Cliffs area. Telscombe village can be traced back to the 10th century.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill