Monday, 20 April 2015

Misted Mirror, Dissolve and Lower Promenade

Misted Mirror :- A seriously thick sea mist rolled in last week and engulfed most of Brighton and the south coast. I ventured into town with the camera to grab the odd moody shot and decied to walk back along the undercliff walk that runs between the sea and the base of the cliffs. The walk also takes you around the back of Brighton Marina which is where I was when I took this shot. The mist seemed to frame the building in the center quite well and it also appeared to intensify the reflection whilst sucking a lot of the colour out of the scene.

Dissolve :- You know it's a thick fog when the piers on Brighton's famous seafront start to disappear. Normally the frame of the West Pier stands out like a sore thumb but on this occasion it was shrouded in mist and looked very ghostly. At one point it vanished altogether and I sat on the pebbled beach for a whuile and waited until it started to peep through again. The pier was built in 1866 and is (unashamedly) one of my photographic muses. I loved her as a child and still love her now.

Lower Promenade :- Sunnier and warmer times provded me with this shot and image of the western protective arm and wall of Brighton Marina. The sea was relatively calm and still but there was a slight breeze to let you known exactly where you were. The entire structure is a mass of concrete, steel and cables. It's stood its ground and held back the pounding sea since the 1970's but now looks a bit battered and worn in places. It was unusually quiet and devoid of fishermen who normally stand here casting their lines out into the depths. I walked along as far as i could go which was near to the end and then turned around and wandered back again with a great view of Brighton to keep me going.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill