Thursday, 9 April 2015

Natures Steps, Silent Witness and Awakening

Nature's Steps :- These liitle wooden planks for steps to help walkers negotiate the steep and worn path that runs around the back of the Beacon Hill Nature Reserve near Rottingdean in Sussex. These steps are on the western edge of the Rottingdean Recreation Ground just to the north of the village. If you follow this path up it leads along to the north and joins up with a steeper tarmac path that joins Ely Drive to Longhill Road in Ovingdean.

Silent Witness :- A murmeration of starlings fly directly over the ruins of the old West Pier in Brighton. Before the pier caught fire the starlings uysed to nest on it in their thousands and the murmerations during twilight back then became very famous because of their size. Vast, black swarming shapes would shift through the air and the evening light whilst captivating all those watching from the beach. The birds are not so huge in number anymore but they still come down and join together in their twilight dance. They now also gather in their masses by the Brighton (Palace) Pier and swoop, turn and dive as one. Nobody has really worked out how they do this or why they do this although some scientists think it's got something to do with "phase transition". Explaining that is rather difficult but at it's most basic level it pretty much means when your neighbour moves, so do you. I thought i'd try shooting and framing the pier and murmeration differently and then whilst processing it I realised just how powerful a black and white approach looked so that's what i went for in the end.

Awakening :- A hazy sunset throws its pastel shades around for a while as the waves are pulled this way and that by the laws of gravity. This was the scene on Hove beach back in February. Once again I found that I was the only one bothered enough to stop and find the time to take it all in as others seemed to be blissfully unaware that nature was doing her thing once again. The been there, seen it, done it attitude has always baffled me. The human race has the uncanny ability of being able to flick the switch of apathy on in an instant. Blinkered, tunnel visioned and completely unaware. It's time we all woke up.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill