Friday, 3 April 2015

Old Harbour, The Crow and Path to Ovingdean

Old Harbour :- Shot back in May 2014 this is an image of the old harbour and wall in the fishing port and village of Mevagissey in Cornwall, England. The old wall (on the left) dates from around 1774 as that's when an act was passsed that allowed the "new" port to be built. In 1888 and additional outewr harbour wall was added creating a double harbour. The outer was was rebuilt once more in 1897 after it was damaged in a severe blizzard in 1891.

The Crow :- A chance encounter and a quick stealthy set up enabled me to grab this moment before the bird flew away. This image signifies a lot for me. The fence is our boundary, beyond it there's a deadly long drop down to the sea and rocks way below. The crow perches on that fence with the option of going either way, flying back over the land or launching itself out into the open, over the sea and into that vast and wide expanse of space and freedom. Me? I walked back to the car and drove staright back into the rat race ...

Path to Ovingdean :- This is one of the views that often greet me when I walk back home from Brighton. If I don't choose the coast route I take the public right of way over East Brighton Golf Course that then drops down towards the farms and the old "Domesday" part of the village of Ovingdean. In this image you can see the village coming into view as I near home.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill