Monday, 6 April 2015

Radio Waves, Spindle Fair and The Earth Slips Below

Radio Waves :- This is the Whitehawk Hill transmitting station mast which is located just to the side of Brighton's Race Course. It was built in 1959 and is Brighton's main transmission facility for television and radio signals. The mast is 148 feet (45 m) tall and looks over the coty from Whitehawk Hill which is 396 feet (121 m) above sea level.

Spindle Fair :- Brighton's famous pier and tourist attraction seen from the beach during one of the very low sping tides. It's not often that the pier is seen to "bare it's ankles" as most of the time its frame is being bombarded by the waves and seawater. When the exceptionally low tides do occur the beach takes on a surreal quality as the 1899 built structure held aloft by thin legs is reflected in the glistening wet sand. As luck would have it i happened to be in town with my camera and stumbled upon this scene quite by accident as I had no idea one of the spring tides was due. Happy accidents are always the best!

The Earth Slips Below :- I love the patterns that nature creates. You only see notice them if you happen to be in the right place and have your eyes open enough. The rocks at Ovingdean Gap to the east of Brighton just look like a mass of random stones and clusters of chalk when you are walking over them. It's not until you see them from the top of the cliff that you realise they are all connected and that the spsces between them all are grooves that have been worn in by the motion of the sea over aeons of time. As I stood here looking down it was hard to get my head around the fact that the low level rocks I was looking down upon were once mighty cliffs themselves. I then found myself pondering on what Britain must have looked like back then ... what shape was the country? That sort of contemplation and thought can be headache enducing so I decided that it was impossible to get my head around and stopped. The image looks more dangerous than it actually was. I was not standing on the edge of the camera and tripod were. There was a safety fence that i was on the correct side of, I merely placed the tipod over the fence and took the shot that way making sure my hand was through the loop attached to the camera.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill