Thursday, 30 April 2015

Seating Area, Stay Online and Dusk on the Downs

Seating Area :- Ok, I'll own up. I deliberately chose the most unglamourous angle from which to take this shot from. No greenery, no grass, no trees, bushes, plants or flowers ... just concrete and a few white plastic chairs on which to sit. It's actually one of the outdoor seating areas of the Whitecliffs Cafe which is situated in an old art deco building on the seafront in Saltdean. If you sit here and have a coffee or ice cream and look in the opposite direction from which this shot was taken you actually have a wide panoramic view of the beach and English Channel. The cafe and Saltdean are just a few miles east of Brighton on the south coast of England.

Stay Online :- Funny how things can work out isn't it. When I took this shot back in December 2014 it's because I'd gone out due to being offline at home due to maintenence work in the area so was making use of the 'free' time that I had as I couldn't get on with anything indoors. Today I chose to post it after several months of it being kept on file and this morning I've had to wait to post it because maintenence work has had me offline for a an hour or so once again. Irony. Anyway, back up and running for the time being so here it is. Shot during a winter sunset at Ovingdean Gap on the South coast of England.

Dusk on the Downs :- I saw today in the local news that scientists from Durham University’s Department of Earth Sciences have said that the South Downs have been identified as suitable for fracking. The South Downs National Park is a range of chalk hills that is (approcimatley) 260 square miles or 670 km2 across the south-eastern coastal counties of England. Growing up and living in Brighton I rapidly learned to appreciate the vast unpolpulated rolling hills and wide open spaces that surround the seaside resort. It worries and concerns me greatly that there's a chance these unspoilt and picturesque downs will soon be subjected to hydraulic fracturing, otherwise known as “fracking”. This shot was taken in March 2014 as I was walking back to Ovingdean from Lewes in Sussex.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill