Saturday, 18 April 2015

Watching All, Squared Up and Lone Sheep

Watching All :- It may sound like an odd thing to say but I think brighton's West pier is now more famous and iconic in its ruined state than it ever was when it was actually a fully functioning pier. You can guarantee that every single sundown draws photographers and tourists down to the shoreline to watch the sky light up behind the delicate twisted metal frame. She was built by Eugenius Birch in 1866 and provided entertainment for 109 years until she was finally closed to the public in 1975. She held aloft many stars from the silver screen (Tony Curtis, Laurence Olivier, Roger Moore, Dirk Bogarde, John Gielgud, John Mills, Vanessa Redgrave, Ralph Richardson, Maggie Smith and manay many more all trod her boards) and appeared in varius TV programs too. This shot was taken back in February 2015 from on top of an old stone breakwater that runs high up onto the beach.

Squared Up :- An otherwise unispiring bit of 70's architecture transformed into an interesting image due to maintenence work. This is the pedestrian path that runs from Black Rock in Kemptown and joins up with the Undercliff Walk at the back of Brighton Marina. There's also a ramp and set of steps where you can gain access to the Marina itself. As with all designs and architecture that are badly thought out and then added to and / or altered the steps and ramp neatly deliver you straight into a vast car park where you have to negotiate soppers driving in and out of the local supermarket before seeing anything of the marina itself. It's a grey, bland and unispiring place that seems to sucvk the life out of you the minute you walk in. It should be vibrant and colourful but sadly it lacks both those qualities.

Lone Sheep :- I was trying to find an alternative route back to where i'd parked the car when I took this shot back in 2012. I'd decided to take a walk out to The Chattri which is a war memorial built to honour the Indian dead of the First World War. It's in a remote place on the South Downs that's 500 feet above the City of Brighton and near a suburb called Patcham but the only way you can reach it is by foot along a bridleway, through fences and across fields. The path I chose on the way out there was fine at first but I suddenly found the pathway I was on had me striding across an open field which just hapened to be full of young Bulls who were quite agitated and frisky. A couple had already started to pick up speed and come towards me and I found the entire experience rather unnerving to sday the least. I eventually made it safely to The Chattri, paid my respects and took in the scenery. It was then time to make my way back to the car but I didn't fancy taking my chances by going through the bull field again so I searched for different way back which was when I was greeted by this view and the one solitary sheep.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill