Saturday, 11 April 2015

Water Colours, Stonewalled and Head Bench

Water Colours :- Shot back in February this year (2015). The sea was relatively still and calm. The tide had been out for a few hours but was starting to come back in again as the light faded into the evening. The pier was in full swing as sounds, music and the odd scream of thrilled tourists drifted through the air and reached the section of beach where I was standing. The 62,000 light bulbs (they use a selection of energy saving bulbs, neons and low voltage lights) that it takes to illuminate the pier were twinkling away and reflecting on the surface of the English Channel. It's during moments like these that Brighton becomes truly magical.

Stonewalled :- I have huge and very fond memories of climbing all over these walls when I was a child. We used to take afternoons out from Brighton and travel by bus to the village of Rottingdean for a walk on the beach and an ice cream! These wall form part of the Rottingdean Terraces on the seafront of the historical village. The terraces were built sometime during the 1950's and are now used as a stage to perform plays, concerts and live events during the summer months since 2011. From time to time I still see the odd child clambering over these wall which makes me smile as I think back to my days of bruised knees and scuffed shoes!

Head Bench :- Instead of shooting from behind the bench and showing the view that it's looking at I thought it made a much more interesting image from this view point. The cliffs of Seaford head rise up and thunder towards the East before dropping down again a couple of miles later at Hope Gap and Cuckmere Haven. Some of the rough and worn paths lead you precariously close to the cliff edge at times so you have to have your wits and senses about you as there's also a distinct lack of fencing along this stretch of coastline. It's a truly stunning part of Sussex to explore and walk around and if you ever get the chance to see it for yourself you won't be dissapointed.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill