Monday, 13 April 2015

A Man's World, Water Water Everywhere and Pipes

A Man's World :- Before I am accused of giving this image a sexist title let me explain. It's called that because that's exactly what it is as this was shot not far from the of the "Long Man of Wilmingon", a large figure on Windover Hill near Wilmington in East Sussex. This is the view (if he had eyes and was real) that he's woken up to every day since the the 16th or 17th century. The Long Man himself is carved into the hillside and is 69.2 metres or 227 ft tall and holds two "staves" (one in each hand). The large hillside figure is a scheduled ancient monument. Most people point their camera at the "Long Man" (as did I) but I thought it also interesting to take a shot of what he looks out upon, this is his domain and therefore his world.

Water Water Everywhere :- Seriously moody and brooding. The shot looked great in colour too but the minute I saw it as a black and white image I knew I had to go with that approach when processing it. The shot was taken at Ovingdean Gap (near Brighton) at the end of February this year. A heavy storm was rolling in over the English Channel just as the sun was setting and one of the clouds was unleashing its watery payload over the sea. I managed to negotiate my way out over the slippery rocks exposed at low tide and crouched down to maximise the reflection of the sky in the water. The final image was far more dramatic than i could have hoped for.

Pipes :- Organ pipes to be precise. Usually things like these are tucked away behind false walls or a door or as is more often the case they are high up on a balcony somewhere and far out of reach. I was surprised to find these ones at ground level and at the side one of the aisles of Buckfast Abbey in Buckfast, Devon. Unfortuantely I didn't get to hear them so cannot tell you what it feels like to be standing next to them as the sound thunders out but I was pleased to get this shot.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill