Sunday, 3 May 2015

Across the Bay, Looking Through and FPK2

Across the Bay :- Evening as seen from the beach in Looe, Cornwall. The weather was beginning to look heavy but the rain was holding off just enough for us to enjoy a walk along the sand and take in the view. The shot is lookng East towards Millendreath and Downderry (both names that sound like they are part of Tolkien's Middle Earth). This is a very stunning and picturesque part of England rich in history with many tales to tell.

Looking Through :- The back of the Church of St Andrew in Beddingham which is in the lewes district of East Sussex. The village of Beddingham village is mentioned in the Domesday Book and there are also references to it as far back as 801AD. The church is a jigsaw of 12th, 13th and 14th Century architecture and the tower at the other end (not seen in this shot) was added sometime in the 16th Century.

FPK2 :- A side door in slip road to Pool Valley in Brighton is scraweld in grafitti. Most of Brighton's street art is quite spectacualr but you still see the run of the mill mindless tagging dotted about the City. I shot this back in 2013 so it's most probably been painted over or is sporting a new set of tags by different spray can wielders.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill