Thursday, 7 May 2015

Bletchley Park Steps, Water Works and Blue Meanings

Bletchley Park Steps :- Up until a few years ago this place was still "off the map" and a secret. Those that worked here in the 1940's had kept their official secrets act promises and not said a word about the work that they'd done here. This is Bletchley Park...the home of the code breakers. It's said that their work reduced World War Two by two to three years thus saving thousands upon thousands of lives. This is where Commander Denniston was based and where Alan Turing helped break the Enigma codes on a daily basis. This is where Colossus, the world's first electronic computer was built and also where a couple of huts were filled with many Bombe machines all whiring and clicking away in an attempt to help break codes on a never ending schedule. It's now open to the public and a fascinating way to spend a day. This shot shows the other, more picturesque side of Bletchley Park with Bletchley Manor through the trees in the background.

Water Works :- These are the workings of the water wheel thats set deep within the beautifully landscaped Painshill Park in Surrey. The wheel itself is one of the largest working water wheels in the United Kingdom. The park was designed and created by the Honourable Charles Hamilton in the 1700 and the water wheel's function was to feed the Cascade (a small waterfall) and lake. The wheel was painstakingly restored in 1987 and s now once again turning and churning the water. The power of water is something that was harnessed many centuries ago. Medieval water wheels were common place. It fascinates me that we still have not worked out a way to harness the power of the sea or glean energy from the never ending tides that roll in and out twice a day. Maybe we need to put up a few giant water wheels and have done with it.

Blue Meanings :- Huge rocks and boulders sit on the beach at Saltdean (East of Brighton). They act as a breakwater and aid offshore drift and protect the beach and winding coastline. When I shot this back in 2012 the sky was clear, the sea was calm and it was a wonderful hot July afternoon. I liked the contrast between the hard rocks and the almost mediterranean looking horizon with all its blue hues.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill