Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Bletchley Window, Still Bridge and Best Foot Forward

Bletchley Window :- Here's a view that was once seen by only a select few. Those few had all been carefully chosen individually and sworn to secrecy on their arrival. This is a window in the wall of Block C which was where all the major details (names, places, radio stations, military units etc) were stored in a huge index. The index comprised of cards that had the information 'punched' onto them using Hollerith machinesand at the height of the operations two million cards per week were being used. This is Bletchley Park - Home of the Codebreakers. This is where Commander Denniston and Alan Turing were based. This is where multiple Enigma machines were "cracked" on a daily basis and also home to Colossus which was the world's first electronic, digital, programmable computer.

Still Bridge :- This is a view from the 'Cascade' lookking back down the lake towards the beautiful 'Five Arch Bridge' in Painshill Park, Surrey. The park was created in the 1700's by the Honourable Charles Hamilton and has been lovingly restored since the 1980's. I found it such a stunning place to wander around and yet the place was surprisingly quiet a free from crowds. There's not a single person in this image, no digital manipulation or removal of figures...this is how it was shot. A magnificent 18th Century landscape free from people.

Best Foot Forward :- I walk a lot. more than I care to sometimes if I'm brutally honest. The village I live in is not serviced all that well with public transport, buses are few and taxi's are far too expensive. I do drive but parking in the City can be a problem and also costly. So I walk. There are several routes that I can choose to take when venturing into Brighton. I can go along the base of the cliff via the undercliff walk or I can walk along the top of the cliffs that follows the route of the main coast road into the city. The quickest and most picturesque of the routes is the one through the old Domesday Book (1086) part of the village and then up the bridleway past the farm and over the path through the golf course which then brings me out intot he Kemptown end of Brighton. This shot was taken on the bridleway near the farm.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill