Monday, 4 May 2015

Daily Doodles : Thursday and Friday's Catch Up

Having had my hands full over the last few days I unfortunately had to turn my back on the daily doodles and tend to other matters. Today I have been playing catch up and creating the doodles that were for Thurday and Friday.

Because the British ventriloquist Keith Harris died a few days ago Thursday's topic was "Orville". For those that don't know "Orville" was Keith's most famouse ventiloquist pupet / dummy and was a bright green baby duck who couldn't fly.

Firday's subject / topic was "My Mini Monster". I wasn't sure where to go with this at but then as I started throwing "digital ink" on screen this thing started to appear. For some reason the haunting tune of "The Carpet Crawlers" by Genesis has been going around in my head this afternoon so my minin monster is a carpet crawler. The tune has always seemed slightly balletic to me, it has a flow and rythm to it that I have always thought would lend itself to dance. So I made my carpet crawler a bit of a prancer too...