Friday, 1 May 2015

Darkness Prevails, Steps To Walled Garden and Brickwork Canvas

Darkness Prevails :- One of those fleeting moments that I managed to catch before it was gone in a flash. The sunset coincided with a very heavy and fierce storm that was rolling in towards the south coast. The city of Brighton was already getting a drenching but where I was (on the beach at Ovingdean Gap) the rain was still to hit. I knew it wouldn't be long before the rainfall made it this far and was making my way back over the rocks when the sunlight managed to find a gap and burst through vreating this scene. Considering it's an image with just blue, black and gold in it it's a very colourful and dramatic shot!

Steps To Walled Garden :- The National Trust own and look after an awful lot of places in the United Kingdom. they range from small houses and pubs to entire villages and vast expanses of coastline. Sussex has 25 sites that they own icluding their very first ever purchase (in 1896) which was the Alfriston Clergy House. Nymans Gardens, House and Ruin are also owned by the National Trust and are located in Handcross which is near Haywards Heath in West Sussex. The house and gardens were developed by three generations of the Messel family and are ste in set in 600 acres of land. This image was shot from the pathway to the house looking North towards the wall garden.

Brickwork Canvas :- Not a lot I can say about this really. It caught my attention as I was wandering up Kingswood Street in Brighton. The artwork was on the side wall of what was a bar and venue called 'The Blind Tiger Club'. Unfortunately the pub has since been forced to close down after a noise complaint which is a travesty as live music had been hosted there since 1854. Obviously nobody had complained up until recently!

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill