Saturday, 30 May 2015

Light of Hope, Terrace Steps and Rolling Countryside

Light of Hope :- The title sounds a little "cheesy" but in actual fact that's exactly what you are looking at. I'd been for a long walk over Seaford Head and was aiming to get to the Cuckmere Haven and the famous Seven Sisters Cliffs for low tide. As I got within 15 minuts of the Cuckmere Estuary I came across a place I'd not heard of or been to before called "Hope Gap". There was a concrete and stone set of steps leading down to the beach from a low point in the cliff top so I made my way onto the rocks. After a few minutes wandering around and taking photos I happened to look back at the steps I'd come down and this is what I saw. the sun was setting and had lit up a stretch of cloud which had in turn thrown the cliff at Hope Gap into silhouette and another photo opportunity had presented itself. After this shot was taken i walked across the beach and made my way to the famous beach at Cuckmere before walking all the way back over the cliffs to Seaford once again. Pleasant walk, stunning views.

Terrace Steps :- These are the 1950's built sun terraces on the seafront at Rottingdean Village just a few miles to the East of teh City of Brighton & Hove in Sussex. I remember climbing all over these as a child in the 70's when I'd be taken out this way for day trips to escape the noise and mayhem of Brighton itself. By the mid 80's the terraces were very dishevelled, run down and had fallen into a serious state of disrepair. So they stood like that overlooking the English Channel for (approx) fifteen years with just the odd person brave enough to sit there and take in the view. Then in 2011 the City Council along with Rottingdean Parish Council set about revamping, landscaping and refurbishing the terraces and turning them into a far more pleasant place.

Rolling Countryside :- Nothing but open land. A very refreshing and wonderful sight. We are lucky in Sussex. Much of the land that surrounds the towns, cities and villages is protected which means that we only need to drive 15 to 20 minutes and we are suddenly surrounded by rich countryside. This wonderful view is not even that far away from the built up areas. I drove out to the Telscombe Cliffs area that's between Saltdean and Peacehaven on the south coast and then walked half an hour or so over Telscombe Tye (an open patch of common land). At the other end of that patch of land you come across the village of Telscombe itself which is well hidden and tucked away. The ancient village is less than two miles from the coast but there's no road linking it to the main coast road (A259). The village church has 10th Century foundations and the population of the village numbers somewhere around 50. The entire place is like taking a step back in time. The view that you see in this image was taken from a path / bridleway by the side of St Laurence, the Telscombe village Church.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill