Friday, 15 May 2015

Little Black Clouds, Turing's Office and Silver & Gold

Little Black Clouds :- Dusk on a deserted Brighton beach. The lights that you can see to the far right in the distance are that of Shoreham and Worthing. The sea was dark and foreboding and the horizon was a thinn black line. The day had been very pleasant but now a storm was approaching and it had sent a few smaller scouts on ahead to check out the territory and help set up for the oncoming invasion. Back out on the horizon the main storm had gathered and its masses were waiting to wage war on the coastal City.

Turing's Office :- This is a small room in a 1940's built hut. But this was no ordinary hut...this was Hut 8 situated deep within the grounds of Bletchley Park. This small room in Hut 8 was no ordinary room either...for this was the office of Alan Turing. The huts and rooms at B;ethcley park have been lovingly rennovated and restored and that restoration work still continues as more and more of the grounds, huts and rooms are slowly being opened up as they are returned to their former and highly secretive glory. It's mind boggling to think that in this tiny little sombre room Turing sat and worked on some of the most complex code breaking and problem solving of our time. Obviously it wasn't just down to him, Bletchley had a work force of 10,000 at its height, all hunched over papers and machines as they tried to crack codes and break cyphers. Now their secrets can be revealed as Bletchley Park has opened its doors, huts and rooms to reveal just what went on behind its gates in order to try and shorten the war and save lives.

Silver and Gold :- March 2013 and there was still the odd patch of snow laying around. It was a chilly and very fresh morning as I trudged along one of the paths that winds its way around the back of Stanmer Park on the outskirts of Brighton. A couple of joggers had passed me by and one person out walking their dog but other than that I had the place to myself. I stoped to grab a shot of this scene because I liked the way all the subdued colours of nature presented themselves. Everything had a soft and beautiful tone to it, it was all very understated.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill