Monday, 18 May 2015

Misty Mermaid, Sunny Towpath and Different Fences

Misty Mermaid :- A shot that appeared frm nowhwere and caught me quite by surprise. I'd been wandering around a very quiet and silent Brighton Marina with the camera for a while trying to capture the feel of the fog. I usually walk the same way through but on this occasion I'd taken a slightly different route and been down on the lower level rather than the upper boardwalk. I ended up realising that the boardwalk was probably a better place to be so tok the stairs up and walked through one of the passageways that leads out onto the boardwalk and this was the view that I was as I walked out. Perfect.

Sunny Towpath :- An early evening shot of a section of the Grand Union Canal in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. I thought there'd be a few more people about, jogging, walking dogs or cycling past etc but I appeared to be the only one on the tow path. I'd walked about half an hour or so before turning around and making my way back towards where I was staying. This was shot as I was walking back. The sun was catching the path and I liked the way she shadows, shapes and reflections all complemented each other.

Different Fences :- Sundown on the cliff top between Telscombe and Saltdean to the East of Brighton. Long shadows and gentle breezes backed by the constant thrum of traffic on the constantly busy main A259 coast road. This part of the coast is dominated by chalk cliffs that run pretty much from the Eastern end of Brighton all the way through to Eastbourne with just a few gaps at Newhaven, Seaford and Cuckmere Haven.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill