Saturday, 23 May 2015

Throughfare, Tower & Bench and Fool's Paradise

Throughfare :- This is St Mary's Place. It's a lane that runs between St Mary's Church and the Church house and connects St James's Street to Edward Street in Brighton. By day is a handy little shortcut but by night it becomes a place of sinister shadows and dark voids. I stopped to take this shot late one night as it made me think of the old Victorian alleyways lit by gas lamps.

Tower & Bench :- This shot was taken around the back of the old Scotney Castle, a 12th century fortified manor house in Kent. The castle was built c.1378-80 by Roger Ashburnham and the round tower you see in this image is named after him and known as the "Ashburnham Tower". It's the only tower remaining but apparently the manor house would have had a tower at each corner. It's a truly enchanting looking castle.

Fool's Paradise :- This caught me by surprise completely. I'd been down on the beach with the camera, walking out on the rocks and peering into rock pools etc. The day was drawing to a close and evening was preparing to take over, nothing seemed out of the ordinary or special. A few clouds lazily drifted into place, ran out of energy and decided to stay there. The hazy sun dipped gently and then suddenly this explosion of colour happened. Absolutely breathtaking. I danced about on the rocks and beach taking as many shots as I could before the show came to an end. Nature never ceases to amaze. No sunset is the same. There are enough variables to enthrall and excite several lifetimes over. This was shot on the beach at Ovingdean Gap to the East of Brighton.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill