Monday, 4 May 2015

Under Way, Missing Front and 10 Crossing

Under Way :- A couple of weeks ago I found myself back up in Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire and staying the night in Peartree Lodge which is right by a section of the Grand Union Canal. As soon as I'd put my bags in the room I grabbed the camera and went for a walk along the tow path. I'd been this way the previous year and wanted to return to a spot underneath a modern bridge that carries the H8 Standing Way dual carriageway over the canal. Last year I'd processed a shot from this spot as a black and white but wanted to reshoot it and process it as a colour image this time around. The water under the bridge is so still it's hard to see it's there at all. It's just like one huge highly polished mirror.

Missing Front :- Somewhere out there you'll find a very famous seaside resort. This is a view from the end of Brighton Pier looking North towards the City of Brighton which is completely enveloped by a thick sea mist. It was a strange experience to be standing on the end and not being able to see the rest of the pier let alone Brighton itself. The sounds were muffled, compressed and deadened, the sea was calm and flat. The mist had taken charge and was in control. As I slowly walked back towards the front ghostly shadows and shapes started to reappear as Brighton began to emerge and slowly rise up through the thick milky greyness.

10 Crossing :- The Volk's Railway on Brighton seafront is the oldest operating electric railway in the world. It was the dreamchild of inventor & pioneer British electrical engineer Magnus Volk (1851 - 1937) and it opened to the public on August 4th, 1883. It still provides joy to the tourists who visit the seaside as it takes them the one and a quarter miles or 2.01 kilometres between the Aquarium Station and Black Rock Station (near Brighton Marina). Various gates and crossings are placed alont the length of the promenade so that access can still be gained to the beach. Klaxon horns sound when the trains are approaching, they are a sound I have grown up to know and are very much part of Brighton. This is an image of the gate and beach at crossing 10. You can read more about the history of the Volk'sd Railway here :-

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill