Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Black Pool, Ivy Window and Mirrored Tree

Black Pool :- The ever changing face of the beach at Ovingdean Gap (to the East of Brighton) never ceases to amaze me. Most of the time the exposed rocks at low tide glisten with an iridescent white as the chalk bed reflects the sunlight. But on this occasion there was no chalk to be seen. In fact there were hardly any rocks to be seen at all as the entire stretch of beach was covered in a thick, black, slimy (and very slippery) seaweed. This was about as far as I dared venture as I did not care to lose my balance, slip or fall in. The weed was several inches deep too which added to the fun of trying to make it back tot he safety of the shoreline.

Ivy Window :- No, I have no idea at all. I have been fascinated by this small, old window in this flint wall for a very long time. I don't know the history of it but am guessing that it's very old. It's located at the side of Ovingdean Road as it winds through the old Domesday Book segment of the village of Ovingdean in Sussex. A few years back it had been boarded up but the board fell off leaving it open. I took a shot of it titled "Ranek" back then but thought it was worth another shot as it now looks very different. Ovingdean is situated a few miles to the East of the City of Brighton on the South coast of England.

Mirrored Tree :- I almost walked past this completely as it's at the sdide of a very shady and overgrown path that winds its way through Castle Hill Nature Reserve which is at the back of the village of Woodingdean on the outskirts of Brighton. When I finally noticed it I had a huge grin on my face as I realsied just how visual it was and in no time at all i'd set the camera up and grabbed the shot. Not quite a mirror image of itself but about as near as you can get. I also loved the mixture of dappled light, silhoutte and bright background. Castle Hill is a Site of Special Scientific Interest.

All Photography Copyright © Justin Hill